Why GreenGeeks is my preferred website host

I have signed up to have my website's files hosted at GreenGeeks, and here's why:

Since 2009, GreenGeeks has been a leader in the green energy web hosting space. They were founded on the principles of sustainability and being eco-friendly, before it was cool!

Here's why GreenGeeks is the leader in Green Hosting

  • GreenGeeks works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to match 3 times the energy usage of our servers, staff and desks with renewable energy.
  • GreenGeeks works with One Tree Planted to Plant a Tree globally for every hosting account that is purchased with GreenGeeks.
  • GreenGeeks is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner since 2009.
  • GreenGeeks' Hosting platform designed to be max-performance, max-use to avoid wasted resources, such as Caching Technologies and other optimizations.


GreenGeeks loves what they do, and I love it even more knowing that together with partners and customers, we are making a difference.