My name is Keaton Kiewra – I am an International Master (with two Grand Master norms) and I am a full-time chess instructor, offering online chess lessons.
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I learned to play chess when I was 7 years old and have been playing ever since. I even went to college on a chess scholarship. I’ve been teaching adults and children for 12 years. I have managed chess camps, although not currently, and am proud to have many students who have won national championships, represented America in the World Youth Chess Championships, and been consistently ranked toward the top of their age group nationally.


Are you and/or your kids looking to improve your understanding of the game
and break through to the next level?

As an experienced chess coach, I can help you with that.

Online Group Classes for Kids
Small Group Lessons of 5-10 Students
No Experience Necessary - Flexible Lesson Times
Weekly Lessons - Classes grouped according to age and ability level
Cost: (classes are typically one hour each)
Single Classes $50  |  5-Lesson Package $200  |  10-Lesson Package $300
Private Online Lessons 
No Experience Necessary - Flexible Lesson Times
Cost: (one hour each class)
5-Lesson Package $550  |  10-Lesson Package $900

What can a private chess instructor/coach do for you?

child at laptop keyboardAnyone can watch a series of videos to learn how to play chess. So why would it be worth it to take
private lessons -
Mostly because private chess lessons are the number one way to improve.

Additionally, students who take private one-on-one lessons excel at chess over students who attend only chess club, or tournaments. It is difficult in chess to get past a certain point without some one-on-one help from a good chess coach. I’m that coach!

Private coaching can quickly elevate your chess level.

Private coaching offers much more over ‘just watching videos’ or reading books to learn or improve.

As a private coach, I will:

  • Analyze your past games or current play to assess where to spend study time
  • Put together an individual training plan to focus your learning
  • Provide feedback on moves you make
  • Coach you, not just lecture you
  • Assign homework; practice makes a huge difference
  • Help you get prepped for a tournament or competition

Review my testimonials on the Home page to see what other students have said!

Chess Lessons with Keaton offers multiple ways to help you improve.
I’ll go over my list of skills that all students need in order to get to the next level. 

Beginner Level

Learn what pieces there are, what they do, and how to move them

Learn opening principles

Learn how the game is won


Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece

Learn endgame strategies

Learn to control the game by planning several moves ahead


Understand why popular opening moves are so popular (and great!)

Learn how to overwhelm the King’s defenses

Learn endgame patterns

Improve your rating

drawing of 4 various chess pieces

Additional Details

I am working on adding payment buttons to the website, but for now, just call me to make payments for lessons. I use state-of-the-art 'Stripe' as my credit card processor.

Discounts on multiple lesson packages are encouraged because students learn better with repetition and my goal is to help you become the best player you can be. Cost savings to you!

Private lessons or Group lessons – same price.

*Any refunds to multiple-lesson packages are first prorated to single lesson price; discount not given on refunds.

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I will work with you to find a mutually agreeable time for your lesson(s).

I use either Zoom or Skype for online lessons. Click here for Technical Troubleshooting Tips.

Lessons need to take place using a minimum size screen of at least a large laptop; larger screens are better. No lessons on phones (screen is too small).

All lessons are conducted in English.


FIDE logoA subjective guide to understanding FIDE rating stereotypes

0 - 1000 – kids, or beginners (there are many levels of beginners!)

1001-1199 – Below average player

1200-1399 – Below average player, very strong social player, newly registered member

1400-1599 – Above average player, has played a good amount of chess games, makes mistakes only in player’s weaker areas

1600-1799 – Proficient chess player, but needs more study in chess theory; hasn't studied many openings or end games, needs work on his pattern recognition skills

1800-1999 – Very good chess player, makes few mistakes. Has reached a level of mastery that most Chess players will never reach. Probably knows a good deal about chess openings and end games.

2000-2199 – Outstanding chess player. Possesses solid knowledge of chess openings and end games. A rating of 2000 is generally acknowledged as the minimum to be a chess instructor.

2200-2399 – Talented player who has mastered the basics and has a good grasp of chess concepts and theory

2400-2599 – Battle-hardened master whose skills are near legendary

2600-2800 – Master of masters - whose chess skills have been perfected into an artform

The rating of the current #1 player in the world (Magnus Carlsen) is 2864!